The President's Task Force for 校园的可持续发展 (PTFCS) was established in December 2019 by the College's fourth president, Dr. 帕梅拉Gunter-Smith. PTFCS负责: "coordinat[ing] activities and mak[ing] recommendations from the various groups" "not only position the College to join other institutions in signing the American College & University Presidents' Climate Leadership Commitments, but also to take action and monitor progress."


加入PERC (宾夕法尼亚环境资源协会)自2020年11月1日起成为其成员 

Currently gathering comprehensive sustainability data and information for AASHE's (Association for the 进步 of Sustainability in Higher Education) STARS报告(可持续发展跟踪、评估 & 评级系统).

可持续发展指标管理 & 分析平台) is a campus calculator tool to collect carbon footprint and nitrogen emissions. The Task Force is currently working with various offices collecting data to establish the YCP baseline. 2020


  • 2023年秋季-事件和新闻

    文化系列 可持续性事件 

    • 2023年9月13日 7 p.m. - Sustainability, Recovery, and the Ruined Gardens of Ithilien in Tolkien’s Middle-earth
    • J.R.R. 托尔金笔下的人物,比如汤姆·庞巴迪, 布朗人拉达加斯特, 霍比特人, and the sentient tree-beings display living in keeping with nature.
    • Join us as we discover what we can learn about the environment from looking at Tolkien.
    • Jonathan Evans is a professor of medieval languages and literature at the University of Georgia. 
      • 地点:温斯托克演讲厅,威尔曼商务中心
    • 10月5日, 2023, 7 p.m. - 、电影 
    • Every year 20 million cubic meters of timber are illegally harvested from the forests of Romania.  但这些树最终会在哪里生长,谁在赚钱呢? follows undercover operations from Europe to Asia and South America as we follow the money. 电影放映后将进行讨论. 
      • 人文中心218


  • 2024年春季活动和新闻

    文化系列 可持续性事件 -每周三晚上7点.m.

    • 3月14日, 周三,晚7点到9点.m. - 环境种族主义
    • Often overlooked in discussions of the importance of environmental change is the role that race plays.
    • In the placement of industrial “parks” or the prioritization of specific citizen-level sustainability programs to areas with higher incomes, we see time and again the ways that environmental “greening” programs leave behind–or actively harm–communities that are primarily non-white.
    • 贝茨是罗格斯-卡姆登大学的助教.
      • 地点:温斯托克演讲厅,威尔曼商务中心
    • 4月11日, 周三,晚7点到8点.m. - 十三的方式, 电影
    • This film explores the human relationship to the natural world through an experimental structure: a series of scientists, 猎人, 滑翔伞, 艺术家, and naturalists travel to a plot of Maine land they have never seen before.
    • One-by-one, through all four seasons, they walk the land and describe what they see. What unfolds is an unusual meditation upon the human relationship to the natural world and the power of different ways of seeing.  电影放映后将进行讨论.
      • 地理位置-人文中心



  • 可持续发展ladbrokes立博中文版


    The following academic programs are designed to educate York College students in areas directly related to environmental sustainability. 学生 in these programs often contribute to hands-on sustainability projects in our local community, collaborating with small businesses and organizations to create lasting change. 

  • 正在进行的项目


    • 为YCP首次碳足迹收集数据
    • Initial research to create a commuter survey for students, 工作人员, and faculty
    • Data collection from the 学生可持续发展知识评估 
    • Data collection and analysis from the YCP可持续性评估 
    • Clothing Swap event ran by 学生参议院 and the 可持续发展办公室 
  • 工作及实习机会
  • 可持续发展调查


    The 可持续发展办公室 has created two surveys to help gain an understanding of the current culture of sustainability at YCP. 

    第一个调查询问学生, 工作人员, and faculty to share their opinions on the current state of YCP's sustainability efforts. 另外, the survey will ask what specific programs or initiatives students, 工作人员, and faculty would like to see YCP conduct regarding campus sustainability. The results of this survey will have a direct impact on the decision-making of YCP. 下面是调查的链接! 


    第二个调查是 仅限学生使用! 本次调查是对在校学生的知识评估, the purpose of this survey is to understand the collective level of sustainability knowledge of the student. 下面是调查的链接. 



  • 学生社团及组织


    • 化学的社会
    • 生物学俱乐部
    • 学生会-可持续发展特设小组委员会
    • 植物园艺俱乐部
    • 养蜂俱乐部
    • 童子军俱乐部 
  • 社区


    纽约大学的 社区参与中心 (CCE) is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in York County. 位于约克市中心, the CCE engages in a number of projects and initiatives within the local community.

  • 与专责小组会面




    安东尼•DeCocinis 财务和运营副总裁

    Perri Druen, 心理学院

    凯文下降, 设施服务总监

    阿比盖尔Foxwell, 校友代表

    格雷格·福伊 化学学院

    尼克•Gaito 学生代表

    莎拉•古德温 负责学生事务和新生项目的副院长


    盖尔哈甘耐尔教授, 通讯办公室

    卡尔·Kleiner 生物学院

    卡夫,罗里 艺术与人文学院


    Tahera Naznin, 园艺学院

    Laura Niesen de Abruna教务长兼教务长

    *Jennifer Pomeroy(主席)地理学系. 历史的 & 政治科学


    黛布拉斯达利 部门员工代表. 历史的 & 政治科学


    Mikayla Trost, ladbrokes立博亚洲IEEE学生分会副主席


    迪伦瓦格纳 生物俱乐部主席

    Josh埃里克 土木与机械工程学院

Tyler Run Creek surrounded by trees with colorful autumn leaves


Do you have an idea about how we can make York College a more sustainable campus? Let us know, and we'll bring it to the attention of the committee.


电话: 717.815.1705