Bringing national and international artists to York. 展示学生的才华.

The ladbrokes立博亚洲画廊 are dedicated to providing opportunities to explore the visual arts in a setting that promotes learning, discovery, 和欣赏. 我们为学生服务, 教职员工, and alumni of 宾夕法尼亚ladbrokes立博亚洲; residents of the City of York and surrounding communities of central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland; and the globally connected international community of artists and academics. Through our program of exhibitions and lectures, publications and other educational resources, the ladbrokes立博亚洲画廊 provide space for the study of a broad range of formal approaches to visual communication and experimentation, interdisciplinary discussion of contemporary and historical issues, and the elemental contemplation of what it means to be alive.

The galleries on our main campus were established in 1994 as the centerpiece of Evelyn and Earle Wolf Hall. 包括两个相邻的画廊, the Cora Miller Gallery and the Brossman Gallery, these exhibition spaces host solo and group exhibitions featuring artists with national and international reputations, 巡回展览, 以及教师和学生的展览. We also provide programming at Marketview艺术, 位于市中心的约克艺术区, where monthly First Friday exhibitions and events are held. 所有活动均免费向公众开放.

To learn more about ladbrokes立博亚洲画廊 programming, 阅读艺术家访谈, 视图的出版物, photographic and video documentation of our exhibitions and lectures, 请浏览我们的 blog 社交媒体网站:

Art has a role to play in connecting our contemporary society to history and global events. Academic galleries take that responsibility one step further, supporting the College's mission while providing space for interdisciplinary discussion. 下载本视频的文字记录.


  • Jeremy Tarr: Et in Arcadia Ego | August 22 – October 5, 2022 | ladbrokes立博亚洲画廊
  • Nuestra Tierra (Our Land) | September 9 – October 22, 2022 | Marketview艺术
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Free visitor parking is adjacent to Wolf Hall, located immediately to your left when entering from Country Club Road.
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